Dateline Explains: Who is Mohammed bin Salman? | SBS Dateline

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Saudi Arabia’s young crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was praised for sweeping reforms that railed against the country’s longstanding conservatism. Yet, when news broke Jamal Khashoggi’s alleged murder in Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Turkey, the world’s gaze turned towards the conservative desert Kingdom. So who is the real Mohammed Bin Salman?

This video was produced for SBS’s international current affairs program, Dateline, as supporting content for the film, Saudi’s Freedom Test Drive.

As well as writing the script, I commissioned the graphics and edited it alongside Dateline’s senior editor, Micah McGown.

The video features footage from the Dateline film, as well as from news wire services.

It was also supplied in a social media-friendly square format.

Lewis Isaacs
Lewis Isaacs/Micah McGown
Calliste Weitenberg
Motion Graphics
Michael Brown
Executive Producer
Georgina Davies